Katokami is all about do-it-yourself. There’s nothing like the joy of creating something beautiful with your own hands. Grab a crafting knife and some glue and put together one of our unique papercraft kits. A relaxing, one of a kind crafting experience is waiting for you!

Pot flower purple

Haven't you always wanted a beautiful flower that blooms all year round, has no need for water or sun and comes in a handy envelope? And it is not very attractive to bees or bugs either. Very convenient!

Photograph of purple pot flower

Pot flower red

Like it’s purple cousin, very forgiving. Perfect for people that lack a green thumb. No water, no sun, just a little bit of love... and glue should do. Also it is quite fond of listening to adventure stories from around the world.

Photograph of red pot flower

Songbird Mobilé

Meet Margot the nuthatch, Boris the tit and last but not least... Robin the robin. This trio of European songbirds bring life and color to your home. They are fond of circling around cribs and beds to watch over your little ones.

Photograph of Sonbirds

Balloon Mobilé

Take to the skies with this beautiful paper mobilé. Send your preferred action figure or plush toy on an adventure... but please make sure to keep the foray into unknown lands in a rain-proof environment.

Photograph of balloons

CCTV - Surveillance camera

Want know what your pets are doing when you’re not home? Well, with this kit you still can’t... but at least you know that they will behave! Alternatively you can send a political message to Big Brother... time to watch back!

Photograph of CCTV camera

Spray Can

Spray Can. Can't spray. But do not worry, it still brings color to your life! Also one and a half hour of crafting fun followed by the endless joy of looking at it when its done. The can comes in three different colors: red, green, and blue.

Photograph of spray can


No one knows why the notorious moustache made it's huge comeback. If you don't want to groom your own "cookie duster", heres the chance to make one in 30 minutes. Also available as Party Pack... get two more muchachos or muchachas and look cool like Tom, Burt or Ned. But please don't hurt yourself!

Photograph of moustache


Always dreamt of ice-cream that never melts? Yes? Here's your chance to get your hands on these delicious curiosities. You have the choice between six different flavours that you can combine anyway you like: strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, blackberry and blueberry. Mmmhhhmmm...!

Photograph of gelati

Christmas Star

This papercraft kit of a lifelike Christmas Star flower is the perfect way to get away from the bustling shopping streets and into the christmas spirit. Put on your bunny slippers, make yourself a big mug of tea, get some glue and switch off for 2 hours while crafting this beautiful paper plant.

Photograph of star

Christmas Trees

This trio of christmas trees is very versatile. For example you can hang them on a real tree, take them on the subway, go on holiday with them, place them in the center of your living room and sing some christmas songs. All covered! And on top of that, you save three lives!

Photograph of trees

Star Topper

Crown your christmas tree with a selfmade paper star! Available in three different color schemes: classic red, yellow popstar and futuristic purple-blue. Alternatively you can hang them in your window to spread the christmas spirit.

Photograph of star

Paper Zapper

Video gamers and geeks should be familiar with this legendary gadget. For the non-geek, this is not a replica kit of a firearm but one of video game history’s most famous devices. It meant hard times for digital ducks from the mid 80s.

Photograph of orange zapper

About Katokami

My Name is Alexander Kvasnicka, a Vienna based digital artist. I see myself as part of the maker culture and therefore strive to bring digital creations to life so that they can be touched and manipulated with your own hands. I started to create selfmade papercraft designs a while ago. Soon I came to realize that I want to bring back this wonderful crafting experience that up to this point was only a long lost childhood memory.

With the help of newly available digital and practical manufacturing tools I worked hard to start Katokami. Not only to recreate that particular experience but also to enhance it in numerous of ways. And I’m very happy that after hundreds of hours of experimenting and refining I eventually can call the Katokami papercraft kits a success. Apart from being beautiful to look at they are fun and easy to assemble as well.

The unique style of Katokami originates from the exclusive use of single-colored sheets of paper. These handpicked, high quality sheets from renowned Italian paper mill Fabriano provide long lasting, vibrant colors, stability as well as formability. The resulting play of form and color gives Katokami models their typical appearance.

Also, Katokami's kits are as easy and straightforward to assemble as it gets. Usually you would have to cut out and fold every single part of the model by hand and then put them together according to tiny numbers printed on them. It's tedious, sometimes confusing and not very pretty. In contrast, Katokami provides pre-cut and engraved sheets of paper that make crafting way more effortless and enjoyable. Detailed instruction manuals show you step-by-step how to assemble the model of your choice. It helps you to get a feel for the paper, the glue and the assembling process in general. It's easy!

I wish you happy crafting, Alex


Got your first Katokami kit and want to double check if you got the instruction basics right? Then go ahead and watch this video. It covers all the important basics to get started:

  • Tools needed
  • Inside & Outside
  • Cutting
  • Folding
  • Gluing


You are familiar with the instruction basics and want to get some pro-tips to make the assembly of Katokami kits even more straightforward and fun? This video covers following tips:

  • Dry run
  • Spread it
  • Don’t panic
  • Apply pressure
  • Flap by flap
  • How to get rid of glue
  • Don’t fold the wrong way


In case you put two parts together the wrong way, here you can get some ideas on how to fix your kit.